Kit Smith 3800 BW full frame FINAL SMALL
Photo: Claire Grogan 2019

A Well Remembered Voice

Let me urge anyone who can to rush before Saturday to an excellent J.M. Barrie double-bill at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick’s Bedford Park…remarkable is “A Well-Remembered Voice”, in which a son, again a victim of the First World War, returns at the dead of night to the father who never articulated his love for him while he was alive. Sensitively directed by Hamish Gray, Barrie’s play is authentically haunting.

Country Life Michael Billington

Virginia Plain

Kit Smith, wiry and edgy, is David Pennington, a failed songwriter descending into a mid-life crisis. He is a resolutely dislikeable character, made all the more so by Smith’s frenetic performance.

The Stage Jeremy Austin


Awake…offered some excellent performances and some brilliant support from Kit Smith and Jacqueline Wood. On the whole I found the play totally mind blowing and if you have the time it deserves to be seen.

Southwark News Charlotte Scaramuzza

Britannia Fury

Smith’s Jameson is a gloriously over-the-top combination of every cliché about tabloid editors.

Remotegoat Matthew Partridge

Britannia Fury

In The Britannia Fury, editor Mr Jameson (Kit Smith) is as brash and demanding as Robert Glenister’s Wilson Tikkel. Chris Omaweng