About Me

Kit Smith 3731 BW 10x8 FINAL SMALL
Photo: Claire Grogan 2019

After starting acting, singing and playing music at school I continued at Cambridge University and in London, where I mainly did musical and comedy revue.  The bands I formed and joined ranged in style from rock, blues and pop to jazz and jazz-jive. I recorded and toured the UK professionally with my own band in a range of diverse venues from gritty pubs and clubs to smart balls and embassies playing the clarinet, sax, keyboards and guitar, later adding the piano accordion, bass guitar and the drums.

However I took the professional acting plunge in my 30’s when  I trained at Mountview full time for three years, graduating as an actor with a BA Hons in Performance. Workshops with the likes of Greta Scacchi, TV appearances with Sinead Cusack, and a number of Film, TV, stage and childrens comedy shows followed quickly afterwards. Family and mortgages meant that I then had to have a break from full time acting for a while, during which time I was involved in several theatre shows and appeared in a West End showcase, before my availability for work improved again over 10 years ago.

I have been lucky enough to work extensively across a range of genres from theatre and screen to voiceovers, immersive shows, musicals and presentation playing a very wide range of parts. Priests, crazed drug dealers, businessmen, journalists, thugs, doctors and dads are just part of the list and if there is a song to be sung or a tune to be played as well, that is all to the good!

I also made numerous appearances on TV and radio with my old day job in finance and PR, commenting on economic and finance issues and, additionally, I have many years experience in campaigning, volunteering and running my own businesses. This has enabled me to draw together my theatre and business backgrounds for my work in the corporate, facilitation and coaching fields, where I am professionally trained. More information on what I do in this area, both in a group and on a one-on-one basis,  can be found on my coaching website here.

I am self-represented and can be contacted via the link below or via my Spotlight page by clicking on the icon below.