A year ago there was a noise upstairs…

Is that a noise upstairs? What could it be? We will find out soon as the horror feature film, The Last Rite, is in the final stretch of post production and could be rolled out in the autumn.

A year ago this week this film set an audition record, for me personally, that I think will be difficult to break. The film company, Nocturnal Pictures had a preference for local actors, but I took the meaning of the word “local” to a new level when I realised that I had been born literally around the corner from the audition venue in Maidstone, Kent and just…ahem…a few years before. The venue/ bar we were in – shout out to Mu Mu – is a fab and eclectic bar and eating place now, but my Mum would probably have heard the Christmas revellers staggering away from what was a rather rough and ready tavern back in the 60’s (you can’t be that old Ed?).

I was lucky enough to get the part of Father William Roberts, a deep thinking priest driven to do what is right whatever the circumstances. The entire project was written, created and brought to life by the super fab team of director Leroy Kincaide and producer Chloe Chudasama and fuelled on black coffee and Kentish snacks, like the moreish Nims Crisps – yum. Bringing in local Kentish products and having a local network around the film production gave the whole experience a really special feel. Though I would advise against excessive grazing ahead of a take…even if the snacks are healthy.

The quality of direction, production, the technical kit, the sound and even perhaps the acting, certainly from my fellow actors, was remarkable for a film with such a low budget and small crew, Keep an eye out for more news on Twitter and Facebook and make sure you have a sofa to hide behind….especially when you hear those noises upstairs….