What’s been going on in 2017?

2017 – This year has been dominated by corporate role-play and coaching work with lots of scripts and improvisation, group and one-on-one coaching and facilitation – the confused businessman, grumpy IT executive and cheery transport worker have all been making their appearances.

Auditions continue, of course, and I have been accessing my concierge, various Shakespearean Dads, actor-musician characters, conductor and businessman…amongst others. The actor-musician auditions are always the mega ones – fun to do but the prep is often phenomenal – 2 or 3 instruments, song of your choice plus a song asked for and a choice of 3 or 4 scenes to prepare. The main result of all this, so far, has been a visit to the service repairer for my various instruments!

Is there such a thing as the quadruple threat for the “more mature” actor?! I have recently completed a tap dance refresher course after being asked whether I could shuffle ball change at the back of the chorus line. You’re never too old to tap as they say….but maybe this might be a little beyond me!